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Forrest Buckley


Hirago Score: 96 / 100


Commercial Plumber

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Years of Experience

15 years



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Desired Income

$50 / hour

I am a military veteran

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Ive been in construction since i was 12. Thats when i knew i wanted to do hard physical labor. School came easy spent most my time work instead of going to school. What little i did go was able to keep up with the rest of students. Skip ahead 12 yrs my first plumbing job. Just leaving roofing i was very determined to learn the trade. Specializing in finsh. I quickley became the fastest finish guy at the shop. Getting five raise in my first year. My friend told me i never be as good as a plumber as him. Little did he know he released a beast. I worled with him next few years studying his technical side of him. I became faster at any task than him. Noticing every job we had together when he got laid off i got a raise making more than him. Next few years i continued working with. Picking up his slack. I finally left him behind not willing to carry him on my shoulders any more. Ive romodled hotels at peeble beach worked on google head quarters all three phases. 4 marriots apartments houseing star bucks service work. I love my job willing to go any were do anything. I have no quit have been foreman before under staffed not leaving the job sight for weeks at a time working 18 hour days to get the job done on time. Ive paid my dues took my lumps. Challenge me.

Certifications, Licenses & Training

15 years experince

I Previously Worked At The Following Companies

Grus Coastal plumbing

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