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Commercial Plumber

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50 years


AnaHeim, California

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$100 / hour

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Can and willing to put plumbing systems on the moon or planet mars, up to code, and with the right alloys, the systems will last 199+ years.Ensure plumbing and pipe systems are installed correctly and up to code. Fix or repair plumbing that the crews failed to do correctly. Diagnose plumbing issues. Test and repair Backflow assemblies. Order Materials. Read blue prints and install waste, vent, water, and gas plumbing systems to code. Keep up to date on code changes or additions. Learn new trade skills. Use the most available technology for the job. Respond to emergency plumbing situations. Clear sewer and drain lines using a drain snake and chain Knockers. Diagnose plumbing issues that may arise. Cross overs. Drill holes through various materials. Make an accurate list of materials that are needed and order. Jack hammer through concrete. Industrial fixtures. Install toilets, faucets, drinking fountains, shower valves, water heaters, sump pumps, shut off valves, back flow assemblies,3 way valves, heat exchangers, hydronic heating, pressure reducing valves, thermostatic mixing valves, ice makers, floor sinks, 3 compartment sinks, angle stops, Sloan valves, hose bibs, urinals, service sinks, floor drains, clean outs, Kitchen faucets, air gaps, dish washers, and various other types of plumbing fitting and fixtures. Install and connect water supply from the meter to the service part of the structure. Test all plumbing systems.

Certifications, Licenses & Training

C-36, propex, PE fusion, Backflow, osha, ESWS,CBR,12 point gas free

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