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We connect our Hirago professionals with the top construction and home services companies in the USA. Earn significantly more working for a top company.

Why Employees Love Hirago

We only work with top companies.

Earn a significantly higher salary.

Lots of career growth potential.

No more negotiating with companies. We do the hard work for you.

Costs nothing to apply & to get hired.

We are like NFL agents, but for HVAC, electrical & plumbing professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a tradesmen/professional, will this cost me anything?

No, it costs nothing to apply to Hirago’s top 7% network.

I'm a tradesmen/professional, is it difficult to apply to Hirago?

It is very easy to apply to Hirago. Simply fill out the form on the apply page, and we will respond within 24-hours.

I'm a tradesmen/professional, why should I apply to Hirago?

Hirago only works with the top HVAC, electrical & plumbing companies; this means that we are able to get top salaries and benefits for our Hirago talent. Make more money by applying to Hirago.

I'm a tradesmen/professional, will my current employer know that I have signed up with Hirago?

No. We keep all of our candidate information 100% confidential (except for the company that we match you with). We will not contact your current employer.